The Development of Las Ventanas

“Preserving the heritage and beauty of this amazing land is of utmost importance to my family. Long-term sustainability and a commitment to quality are hallmarks of our four-generation history in the Arroyo Grande Valley. Las Ventanas is the ultimate expression of these beliefs.”

Brian Talley

To bring out the best in the land is a philosophy established by Talley Farms’ founder Oliver Talley and carried on by his son Don. Now, over half a century since the company was founded, members of the third and fourth generations continue to cultivate the land with care and respect for its agricultural value and natural beauty. The community of Las Ventanas was created to preserve farmland with the same values of quality, integrity and respect for the land that have always guided the Talley family. The residents of the Las Ventanas community will play a vital role in this preservation and can rest assured that both agriculture and their pristine views will be protected forever.

A word from Brian Talley