Local Activities


The Central Coast is home to some of California’s most highly regarded wineries, with many nestled right in the Arroyo Grande Valley and neighboring Edna Valley. Book an afternoon wine tour with your friends and family or open a bottle on your patio and enjoy the sunset.

Arts and Entertainment

Weekends commonly host annual wine and harvest festivals, outdoor concerts and championship sporting events as well as an ever-changing collection of cultural events such as the Mozart Festival, the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival and the I Madonnari arts festival.

The Mountains

The Santa Lucia Mountain Range forms the majestic backdrop to Las Ventanas. With spectacular views of the ocean and rolling California hills, San Luis Obispo County is home to several stunning vistas equipped with meandering trails fit for hikers, horses or bicycles.

The Ocean

The blue expanse of the Pacific Ocean is a quick ten minute drive from Las Ventanas. Several beaches line the shore, each one offering something different. Walk along the coastal cliffs of Shell Beach, enjoy a summer bonfire at Avila Bay or learn to surf at Pismo Beach.

Lopez Lake

If you enjoy water sports, camping or fishing, you’ll love Lopez Lake, a five minute drive from Las Ventanas. With hiking and equestrian trails and a summer water temperature of 70 degrees, it is the perfect place to sit back and relax. Lopez Lake is also recognized as one of California’s premier windsurfing locations.