To live in San Luis Obispo County is to get the best of two worlds. In one, you live in a coastal community that is consistently ranked as the “Happiest Place in America.” The sunny climate and warm (but not overbearingly so!) days lend themselves well to laid-back days on the beach and outside enjoyment. Second, this community is touted as one of the more affordable luxury counties to live in throughout the state of California. Looking at the median house price in San Luis Obispo, this is easy to see:

Median House Price

  • SLO: $485,000
  • San Francisco: $935,500
  • Los Angeles: $540,000
  • Santa Barbara: $865,000

This disparity in overall home prices, combined with the latest city rankings that places San Luis Obispo above both Santa Barbara and San Francisco in overall desirability, and it isn’t hard to see why you should invest in San Luis Obispo.

National rankings aside, the SLO area offers investors a complete package of “benefits” that include financial, academic and lifestyle opportunities. Below are just a few of the areas of interest you might want to consider about San Luis Obispo:

Jobs/Social Structure

California Polytechnic State University is a powerhouse in the area, providing jobs and innovation to the area and serving as the pride of central California with its consistently high ranking from U.S. News and World Reports. The school helps local students strive for perfection and contributes to the area’s low crime and unemployment rates.

Recreational Activities

There is always something to do for the active SLO resident. Of course there’s surfing, as the county has some of the top surfing spots in the country. But the natural beauty of the area also provides the nature enthusiast opportunities to get out and about. Hiking trails wind through the area, providing breathtaking views of the volcanic peaks known as the Nine Sisters, and area residents also have access to MontaƱa de Oro State Park and Morro Bay State Park, popular destinations for mountain bikers and camping enthusiasts.


There’s nothing that area residents like more than celebrating, and there are plenty of things to get excited about here. There is a festival or fair to go to anytime of the year, celebrating food (Olive, Apple, and Clam Festivals), Flora (Wildflower and Lavender Festivals) and seasonal occurrences (Harvest, Harbor of Lights, and Scarecrow Festivals). And of course, since San Luis Obispo is known as the largest wine producing county in the state, providing nearly $195 million in tourism dollars per year average, you are expected to attend the Wine Festival, which occurs in the third weekend of October.

Self-Sustaining Success

San Luis Obispo is a county that contributes to the state’s economy without asking for much in return. Farmers locally provide produce, meats and seafood to transport across the state and beyond, and the wineries bring in a lot of tourism and jobs. Residents live a peaceful and laid-back existence surrounded by natural and man-made beauty.

An investment in San Luis Obispo is an investment in a community that has been proven to succeed despite global and national recession. Come home to coastal California and SLO today!