An effective way of adding personality to your home’s décor is by ditching ‘safe’ designs in favor of creative accents. By doing that, you’ll be able to settle for personal touches that make your house feel one-of-a-kind. Your home must have a welcoming feeling that reveals exactly who you are.

So how do you add a healthy dose of personality into your home’s décor? Here are five professional home decorating tips to consider:

Tip #1: Incorporate color into your home’s decor

You should adhere to the 60-30-10 rule when decorating your home. Your dominant color should occupy 60% of your space, while your secondary and accent colors should occupy 30% and 10% respectively of your space. To add personality to the décor in your home, more focus should be on the 10%. The remaining 90% ought to be a primary color such as grey or white. For instance, you can pop some bold blue pillows on the sofa or place a bright yellow chair in the living room. The rule of thumb is to decorate your abode with the colors you love.

Tip #2: Create displays with prized possessions

Another way to add personality into your home’s décor is by arranging some of your prized treasures on the walls or shelves of your house. You can show off fascinating statuettes, chick baskets, or the moss-covered stones you collected on your last hiking trip. The only caveat is to avoid making your space feel cluttered.

Tip #3: Choose light fixtures which echo your inner sparkle

Are you into subtle colors and clean lines? Do you prefer glittering lights and funky shapes? Whichever your style is, you should use unique lighting to show it off. For instance, you can settle for an industrial floor lamp that offers a glowing and soft light within a vertical orientation.

Tip #4: Incorporate unique furniture

Placing a unique chair into your living room is an amazing way to add personality to your space. For example, you can choose a thrift shop find or even a family heirloom. The more distinct your chair or any other piece of furniture is the better. Just find two unique pieces and place them strategically into your house.

Tip #5: Hang up your most loved art

Instead of hanging Picasso reprints, which you think everyone will love, you should pick out pieces, which you love. To find beautiful art pieces, you should browse online catalogs or local galleries. In these platforms, you’ll find quirky photos and paintings that capture your imagination.

In summary …

The space in your home must reflect not only your personality but also what you love. That doesn’t mean that you hang life-size portraits of yourself in all rooms! It only means that you need to get creative. Adding charm to your home helps make your space feels unique and inviting – just like you! By integrating the above five tips, you’ll certainly be able to add personality to your home’s décor. Do that and discover the magic.